• Wood cutting & Etching

    Supawood is probably the most popular wood used for laser cutting. At Laser Creations we cut 3mm, 6mm and 9mm supawood for a variety of different applications from wedding stationery to signage and everything in between. Read More
  • Laser Cut Perspex

    Perspex has been used to create outdoor signs, trimmings for designer dresses, jewellery, and many other incredibly interesting things. Perspex comes in many different colours. Some are more easily available than others. The most popular colours are black and white, but when looking at the range of frosted perspex that is available, possibilities are limitless. Read More
  • Laser Cut Fabric

    Fabric is our favourite! We have assisted designers with creating amazing dresses for local celebrities and high end wedding and matric dance dresses. We cut all fabrics - chiffon to leather. Laser cutting fabric opens up a world of possibilities for garment design. Read More
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  • Laser etched MDF gives a rustic feel to a table and the results of the etching and cutting always look great. We can assist with designing your menus, invitations, etc.

    Etched MDF menus

  • We cut 6mm MDF trophies for the farm jam race hosted by Vans Auto in Middelburg. We did a few different designs to try change it a bit every month.

    Farm Jam Trophies

  • We cut words out of MDF usually for weddings. It has become quite popular to have a laser cut guest name at each table setting.

    Laser Cut MDF Words

  • These trees were cut for The Backyard Catering company as Christmas gifts for their customers. Interestingly, this design was the inspiration for the top of the dress Thembi Seete wore to the SAMA's 2012.

    MDF Christmas Trees

  • Kevin Dudley ordered seating plans, menus and table numbers which were all laser etched and cut. They turned out amazing and him and his bride were very happy with the results.

    Wedding Seating Plans

  • MDF words and letters are popular for a variety of reasons. From place settings at weddings to personalised wall art text. The letters can be cut from as small as 10mm to 1200mm high.

    Laser Cut Words & Letters

  • These boxes are really cool. They can be any size, and customised with designs that are either cut through or etched into the wood.

    Laser Cut Boxes

  • We assisted Starlight Inspirations make a lightbox for an Adcock Ingram Awards Dinner. The box was constructed of MDF and acrylic.

    Adcock Ingram Light Box

Wood Laser Cutting

MDF, better known as supawood is the most widely used material in wood laser cutting. It is cut into anything imaginable including restaurant menus, indoor signs, wedding favours, jigsaw puzzles and Christmas tree decorations. Laser Creations can cut MDF up to 6mm thick. We prefer to supply the supawood as it needs to be the imported “yellow” supawood, and it has become increasingly difficult to source. Most merchants hold the “brown” locally manufactured wood which does not cut well at all leaving a burnt black edge and residue on the material. Supawood can be painted and this works best when a wood primer is applied first as the MDF is very absorbent. As you will see in some of the pictures above, the natural finish of the wood including the slight burn from the laser is very attractive and many clients prefer to leave the wood unpainted. We can cut thinner plywood boards. One of the challenges with this material though, is that it tends to warp while being stored and of course laser cutting relies on a precise distance between the lens that focuses the beam and the material which is being cut in order to allow a clean accurate cut. When it comes to solid wood items, we are unable to cut these. We do however achieve a great result when etching or engraving them. Common items that we work on are personalised  cheese boards popular as wedding and birthday gifts and solid wood hangers for a bride’s entourage.