• Wood cutting & Etching

    Supawood is probably the most popular wood used for laser cutting. At Laser Creations we cut 3mm, 6mm and 9mm supawood for a variety of different applications from wedding stationery to signage and everything in between. Read More
  • Laser Cut Perspex

    Perspex has been used to create outdoor signs, trimmings for designer dresses, jewellery, and many other incredibly interesting things. Perspex comes in many different colours. Some are more easily available than others. The most popular colours are black and white, but when looking at the range of frosted perspex that is available, possibilities are limitless. Read More
  • Laser Cut Fabric

    Fabric is our favourite! We have assisted designers with creating amazing dresses for local celebrities and high end wedding and matric dance dresses. We cut all fabrics - chiffon to leather. Laser cutting fabric opens up a world of possibilities for garment design. Read More
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  • We got a great opportunity to assist Gert-Johan Coetzee with an amazing dress for Lira for her SAMA performance in 2013. We had a small part to play but we felt incredibly proud when we saw her wearing the dress. We laser cut gold mirror Perspex for the top of the blouse. We also cut her cuffs which are not visible in this picture.

    Lira - SAMA 2013 Dress

  • We started making a range of acrylic keyrings for Geek Fest. They were all the concept of Vanora and they sold incredibly well.

    Acrylic Keyrings

  • Gert Johan Coetzee requested some custom Brutal fruit swizzle sticks for the brutal fruit cocktail making competition he was part of. The event was a charity fundraiser. These are etched with the Brutal Fruit logo on top and the GJC logo at the bottom.

    Swizzle Sticks

  • These were cut for Red Hill High School's 2012 matric dance. They are now being rented out for functions by Socialight

    Laser Cut Lamp Shades

  • Laser cut perspex jewellery is very popular. Many different unique items can be cut from different colour perspex and made into earrings, pendants, brooches, etc.

    Perspex Jewellery

  • Perspex makes great indoor and outdoor signs. With just perspex, you are limited to solid colours, but vinyl can be used on top of perspex and printed vinyl can be applied to perspex with your company logo.

    Perspex Signage

  • These can be made flat to be mounted, or on a stand as a centrepiece. Small ones can be made for wedding decor

    Perspex Names & Words

  • We assisted Starlight Inspirations make a lightbox for an Adcock Ingram Awards Dinner. The box was constructed of MDF and acrylic.

    Adcock Ingram Light Box

Plastic Laser Cutting

Perspex is the most interesting material to cut. It looks so great with a laser cut finish and is so versatile that we have cut everything from outdoor signage to delicate earrings from it. At Laser Creations, we can cut up to 10mm thick perspex and the perspex comes in sheets ranging up from as thin as 1.5mm. As outdoor signage, perspex offers years of durability and quality. We have fulfilled requests for perspex wedding invitations etched with the details and cut into puzzle pieces. Perspex cake toppers are also very popular as a much needed replacement to the tired old bride and groom figures on top of the cake. We are spending some time creating a really interesting range of cake toppers which will be available in certain retail outlets soon. They are also available directly from us and will be available on Hello Pretty There are many options for laser cutting plastics. Send us an email or give us a call to discuss your requirements.