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Laser Cutting

Laser Creations offers laser cutting of supawood, Perspex, Fabric and Paper for various industries and applications with no minimum order quantities. We provide a service to businesses and individuals

We work hard to ensure that our pricing is competitive and our service, efficient.

Our maximum laser cutting size is 1250 x 850 and our lead time on most jobs is 4-7 days and on larger jobs, 7-10 days. 

Please check lead time with us when enquiring and placing orders to ensure there is no disappointment.

laser cutting

We want to be the best..

Laser Creations is based in Southdale, Johannesburg. We are striving towards recognition as the best laser cutting company in Johannesburg. In order to achieve this, we offer great prices, efficient service and fast delivery times. We are available to businesses and individuals and we can laser cut wood, plastic, fabric, paper and various other soft materials.

What we can help you with..

Laser Creations can also assist with all wedding stationery including invitations, menus, table names or numbers, seating plans, cake toppers, etc. The results achieved through laser cutting these items means that we can provide unique, intricate designs that will be remembered by wedding guests. We are available for small once off orders and large quantity repeat work. We try not turn away work and will do our very best to accomodate everyone.


Laser cutting of fabric works really well. Most fabrics have a perfect, clean finish once cut and this allows for creativity in design that cannot otherwise be achieved

laser cut fabric flowers


Laser Creations supplies and laser cuts 3mm and 6mm MDF (Supawood). We can etch or engrave on all other woods, but we can only cut MDF and thinner plywoods

laser cut cake topper


We can laser cut Perspex (acrylic) up to 10mm thick. The plastic has a perfectly polished edge when cut. Perspex is available in various colours in the 3mm range.

laser cut plastic


We can laser cut any stock paper, cardboard, greyboard, etc. Lighter colour paper does show some burn once laser cut but we can achieve pretty cool things with paper

laser cut paper

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If you are really interested in knowing more...

Laser cutting can be a complicated thing for those who have not used this type of service before. There are different types of laser cutting machines that can cut different materials and different thicknesses.

Laser Creations runs 2x CO2 lasers with 80w tubes. We cut to a maximum thickness of 6mm supawood. We can laser cut acrylic (Perspex) to a maximum thickness of 10mm

At Laser Creations, we do not cut or deal with metals at all. It is a different type of business altogether and requires specialised equipment. We feel we are the best at what we do and with the materials we cut, so contact us for a reference for someone who can cut steel and we will gladly assist.

Laser Cutting can achieve really cool results on a variety of different projects and applications. We have samples of all sorts of different items in our office, so feel free to come around anytime and have a look at what we can do and while you are here, discuss your requirements with us in more detail.